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The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain


I walked the ancient Camino de Santiago trail across Spain in 2013. When I returned, I wrote blogs about the leadership lessons from that experience. Those blogs went viral and snowballed into a book deal. To augment my own stories and lessons, I interviewed more than 100 people from around the world were kind enough to share their Camino stories for the book. You can now buy the book at Amazon and learn more at its Facebook page.


What Reviewers are Saying...

"On the back of the passport, which is used to get stamps as each stage of the walk is completed, (Prince) noticed seven simple reminders of things pilgrims should do while on the Camino, which he used as the framework for his book The Camino Way, since they applied to work as well.... You don't need to walk the Camino to take those lessons into your own life.

— Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail, Canada's largest newspaper

"Prince’s is both a highly engaging story and a remarkably effective way to communicate business lessons... In this first-person narrative, Prince recounts his adventure, but unlike the typical travel diary, The Camino Way brilliantly draws continuous connections between the Camino, which started as a religious pilgrimage hundreds of years ago, and contemporary business leadership."

Foreword Reviews, an independent media company founded in 1998 to serve an audience of librarians, booksellers, book-loving consumers, publishers, agents, and other publishing professionals

"The camino has spawned a multitude of books and blogs. Victor Prince has taken a novel approach. He has gathered reflections from a cross section of pilgrims and distilled this wisdom to provide lessons in leadership. Whether that leadership is in business or life in general, we could all benefit from the advice it contains.” 

 John Brierley, author of A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino de Santiago and other bestselling travel books

"Victor Prince’s follow up to Lead Inside the Box is a much different, but equally original, book on leadership. In The Camino Way, Victor shares lessons from an extraordinary experience that can help other leaders in their everyday work. I strongly recommend it."

— Robert J. Herbold, Chief Operating Officer (retired), Microsoft Corporation

"Sometimes a long walk is the best way to clear your mind and learn new things, and The Camino Way proves that to the extreme. A thousand year old hiking trail across Spain is a uniquely interesting setting for a book on leadership. It's a great read with valuable lessons for anyone looking to become a better leader, professionally and personally.”

— Ethan Bernstein, Asst. Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School

"I'll probably never walk the Camino, but I feel like I did after reading this book. What a fresh take on leadership! I highly recommend it."

— David K. Lenhardt, former President and CEO, PetSmart, Inc.

"Victor draws you in with the opportunity to walk the Camino vicariously with him - all the experiences and none of the blisters. This entertaining book is a combination of a travel guide and an invaluable set of lessons for success in life at home and at work."
— Dan Tangherlini, former Administrator of the US General Services Administration

"When reading this inspirational book, I couldn't help but think about a term I learned in Latin - Manus manum lavat - one hand washes another. As leaders we need to ensure we never forget about the people we rely on, our teams, our employees, our family, friends...our village. The Camino Way reminds us we are all on different journeys and every relationship matters." 
— Lisa M. Buckingham, Chief Human Resources Officer of Lincoln Financial Group

"The Camino Way offers universal life and leadership lessons. After finishing, I couldn't decide which I wanted to do first:  share the book with my senior team or buy a plane ticket and start my own journey."
Scott Kubly, Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation

“Rooted in history, yet highly relevant to today, Victor Prince takes readers on a journey of insight that can add value to all of our daily experiences."

Suzanne Tager, Senior Director, Retail and Consumer Goods Practice, Bain & Company

"Most people have two stacks of books by their bed: books they read for work, and books they read for pleasure. The Camino Way is the only book you’ll read this year that could make it to both stacks." 
— Paul Smith, bestselling author of Lead with a Story and Sell with a Story

"The Camino Way takes you on a journey you will never forget. Awesome story telling that captures and sweeps you in while delivering great life and leadership lessons. Another outstanding book from Victor Prince!"
 Brigette Hyacinth, Founder and Director of the MBA Caribbean Organisation

"Victor Prince not only shares valuable lessons and insights from his walk on the Camino, he goes one step further. Through his journey, he guides us to apply his newfound perspective to the most meaningful aspects of our lives. In doing so, we become better leaders, better parents, and better people."
Sally Tassani, President, The Strategy Forums

"Let Victor Prince be your guide in this supremely engaging, lesson-packed breath of fresh air. Prince insightfully draws lessons in leadership embedded within the famed walk ranging from the power of living in each moment, to learning to ask for help, to ensuring to honor predecessors. If a “Buen Camino” is not on your itinerary, this book will bring you as close to the life-changing power of the vaunted walk as possible. It’s like a MBA for the soul." 

Scott Mautz – author of Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration & Make Work Exciting Again


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