Management Consulting & Training

Who Should Attend Our Training

Are you a:

  • Professional who struggles to win support for their good ideas in a world where slick presentations seem to be the only things that matter?
  • Executive who suffers through presentations that don't make a compelling point even after countless slides, charts and bullet points?
  • Training manager seeking a proven, popular training course that can dramatically improve your organization's decision-making?

We teach the methodology the elite strategy consulting firms use to solve problems and communicate solutions.

Professionals learn to:

  • Solve problems more efficiently and effectively, using critical thinking and tools like "the 80/20," "MECE" and "strawmen" to find root causes and avoid "boiling the ocean."
  • Communicate in the same compelling "answer-first" way as the elite strategy consultants.

Executives benefit by:

  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their team's critical thinking, problem-solving, and communications.
  • Saving their time by teaching their staff to communicate more clearly and concisely with them.

Training managers benefit by:

  • Presenting a new training option that your clients, especially those who have worked with strategy consultants, will value but may not know exists.
  • Ensuring the instructor who shows up to train your organization has the experience teaching and using these skills your clients will value.

We have trained corporate, government, and consulting professionals from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in these problem-solving and communication techniques. Learn more and see student testimonials here.