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What is Executive Coaching?

According to a 2013 survey by Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, 51 percent of senior executives reported they "receive coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants or coaches." Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt described coaching this way: "Every famous athlete, every famous performer, has somebody who is a coach. Someone who can watch what they are doing and say 'is that really what you meant?'... The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps." Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates summed it up this way, "Everyone needs a coach... We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve." To understand what "executive coaching" looks like, see this video story of Tom, a corporate executive who just started working with an executive coach. ->>


Meet Victor Prince - A Certified Executive Coach with Senior Executive Experience

Are you a successful executive looking for a competitive edge to help you climb up the corporate ladder

Are you looking for help focusing on your professional and career development? 

Do you want to improve key leadership skills like:

  • Conflict Management, 
  • Communication, 
  • Decision-making, 
  • Strategic Planning, 
  • Motivating People,
  • Delegating, and
  • Building Teams?

Could you use an outside, independent voice who can help you as a:

  • Sounding Board,
  • Meeting Facilitator,
  • Brainstorming Partner,
  • Accountability Coach, and 
  • Leadership Advisor?

Victor Prince is a different kind of executive coach. He's a consultant-turned-executive who became an executive coach to help people like you.

As a Chief Operating Officer (COO), Victor led a team with 300+ people and $100+ million of budget. As a Bain & Company strategy consultant, he advised senior executives across six countries and several industries. As a noted leadership book author, he helps leaders find innovative ways to provide the best leadership to their teams.  As a Wharton MBA, he learned business from the best.

Victor applies proven tools and techniques to help executives identify the root causes of their problems and implement the solutions that will work for them. These techniques begin with an understanding of each client's situation, their thinking and communication style, their interests and behavioral traits, and their career and performance goals to find the best approach for their success. 

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Industry Expertise

Financial Services

Internet Services

Management Consulting

Private Equity Portfolio Companies

Federal Government

State/Local Government

Work Experience

Bain & Company (Consultant)

Capital One (Marketing Executive)

US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Chief Operating Officer) 

Geographic Work Experience

🇺🇸 United States  🇸🇪 Sweden

🇬🇧 United Kingdom  🇫🇷 France 

🇪🇸 Spain 🇮🇱 Israel 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia

Coaching Expertise

Board Certified Coach,

Center for Credentialing & Education

Certified Executive Coach,

Center for Executive Coaching


International Coaching Federation

Leadership Author

Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide their Teams to Exceptional Results 

(Career Press, 2015)

The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain (HarperCollins Leadership, 2017)


How Our Executive Coaching Works

Victor approaches coaching like a consulting project. He helps clients identify their goals and then employs the right information, tools, and techniques to achieve those goals. He helps clients track progress and see results. Victor's goal is to make the coaching sessions the most valuable, and anticipated, meetings clients have at work.

A typical engagement has Victor meeting with the client every other week for six months. The meetings can be over the phone, via a video call, or in-person. 

Every client is different, but a typical coaching engagement may look like this:

  • Gather Baseline Information - Victor interviews the client's key colleagues to get anonymous feedback on the client's strengths and opportunities for improvement. The client also takes a standardized assessment to measure their working interests and style relative to other people.  

  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement - Victor reviews the feedback and assessment results with the client. They identify and prioritize the most important things to work on.

  • Set Improvement Goals - Victor uses a conversational technique called active inquiry to help the client identify solutions to their problems and opportunities. Each session ends with the client identifying a few next steps they want to do before the next meeting.   
  • Track Progress to Build Accountability - Each session starts by reviewing the progress on the next steps from previous sessions. Victor uses a web-based tool to help the client track progress.
  • Review and Assess - At the end of the six months, Victor interviews the client's key colleagues again to get feedback on the client's strengths and opportunities for improvement, focusing on the areas the client wanted to target. Victor prepares a short summary of the results of the coaching that the client can share with others, as desired. 

  • Provide Ad Hoc Support As Needed - As needed, Victor can help the client by playing other roles too. He can be a sounding board for new ideas. He can role-play to prepare the client for a crucial conversation or a big meeting. He can help with time management and communication skills. He can facilitate meetings. If needed, Victor can also provide consulting and training as separate engagements.
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Client Testimonials

"It has been a pleasure working with Victor! His coaching has helped me "see the forest through the trees" with regards to how I strategize, become a better leader and focus on the growth and long term success of our business. I recommend Victor to anyone seeking executive coaching."

- Julie, President of a Transportation Company

"Victor’s extensive leadership and consulting experience, and his strength in coaching combine to create amazing impact! Victor’s coaching pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone, helped me identify options I hadn’t considered, and develop a plan to take action. I’m excited about the direction, ambition, and clarity his coaching unleashed in me. Victor's an excellent coach. I highly recommend him." 

- Paula, Asst. Director of HR, Management Consulting

"Victor is a gifted Executive Coach... I noticed that he was truly able to bring the best out in my by helping me break down barriers that exist in my mind, which were holding me back from reaching my goals... He was quickly able to help me assess both the opportunities and the path to capitalize on those opportunities. If you are looking for an Executive Coach who can help you realize your full potential as a leader, Victor is a great choice!"

- Adam, President of a Distribution Company

"Victor is an absolute wealth of knowledge amost effective coaches I have worked with. Victor leverages his background and experience to directly reexecutive challenges and offers clear, concise, and direct guidance. His ability to collect, analyze, and information and facts is truly unmatched. I would engage Victor again for future coaching needs. 

- Ryan. Technology Executive

"Victor is an excepcional coach, his sessions are based on experience and modeling behaviors to reinforce competences. Material used had been very helpful to self study between meetings; deep discussions about real situations and root cause identification are some of the success tools that helped me to learn and apply on a daily basis. I strongly recommend Victor’s advice and guidance. More than a coach - a mentor!"
- Gustavo, Director of a Large International Bank

"Victor is one of the most talented coaches I have encountered in my career. His advice is always spot on and he has a way of distilling issues to the essential items. He directs you to solutions in a pragmatic fashion and helps you find your individual path. To say I highly recommend Victor is an understatement." 
- Rokey, Director of a Local Government Agency

"Victor exceeded my expectations during a recent coaching session. By asking great questions, challenging my assumptions, pushing me to really think and answer some of my own questions, and making practical and actionable recommendations he really helped me move an initiative forward. I'd highly recommend engaging him as a coach." 
Craig, President of a Health Care Startup Company

"Victor has been one of my most trusted advisors for many years. He is a great coach, a great listener and his approach is focused on results. You won't meet many people with his experience and track record. He is one of those people that can be thrown into any situation, quickly make sense of it and then deliver results. I highly recommend working with Victor."
- Chris, Technology Entrepreneur

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